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So You’re Engaged…Now What?

Like most brides, the first thing you will do after letting all of your family and friends know the big news is to go out an buy all the latest magazines on brides and weddings. You will overwhelm yourself with more information than you will ever need to know and your Pinterest wall will fill up with all of the great things you want to have at your wedding. Then reality will set in..How are you going to pay for everything you want? Most brides will start the discussion of a budget with her parents and fiance’. A general idea will be created and while it is a great idea, most brides will blow the budget on just the dress. Did you know that most weddings will cost on average $25,000. Hello? Are you still there or did you just pass out? Don’t let that number cause anxiety. There are ways to lower that number and still have the most beautiful wedding.




Prioritize the items that are most important. For some it may be dress, venue, honeymoon. For others it may be dress, photos, flowers. Pick the top three areas that are most important and give the most attention to those items in the beginning.

Pick a minimum of two selections for each of your top three areas of importance. Give yourself options on the lower side and upper side of your budget in those areas.

Plan and investigate what all extras or amenities are included with your selected options. Just because it is the least expensive doesn’t mean it is the best way to spend your money.

Take a deep breath and enjoy this moment


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